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    We are here to provide you with everything you need out of a smoke shop. Whether it's classic options like tobacco and cigarettes or newer alternatives like vape or e-cig options.
    We offer a whole spectrum of options for your smoking pleasure. Look through our hookah pipes for one that speaks to you, or browse our variety of CBD products.
    For the best smoke shop around, drop by today!
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Our Services

Vape juice
Vape Juice

Our exclusive vape shop carries only the finest, unique vape products, including vape juice,

Electronic cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigs are electronic vaporizers that do not use tobacco at all, instead using a flavored "E-Liquid" or "E-Juice" that delivers pure nicotine without the myriad harmful additives and carcinogens present in traditional tobacco products.

Smoke shop
Smoke Shop

As a tobacco shop, we carry a wide variety of cigarettes, from basic filtered and unfiltered to cloves and menthols.

Tobacco shop
Tobacco Shop

You can find a wide variety of both new and more established tobacco alternatives at our smoke, hookah, and vape shop.

Vapor store
Vapor Store

Tobacco & Vape Shop has a wide selection of vapes for the residents of Roanoke Rapids, NC.

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